build with your iPhone


Yes, with iVilla it's possible. Building costs are hardly worth mentioning, as this App costs just 79 cents. Try it out for yourself - if you have no ideas, shake your iPhone until an idea pops up. Why not try shaking with your left hand, to ensure that the idea comes from the heart? And if you're not 100% happy with the immediate result, you can alter, delete or refresh various elements. It couldn't be any easier. The cumulative knowledge of over 8 000 years building history in your hand - without any need to ask any questions with someone who alters or destroys your own ideas so much that you no longer recognize them. Hands away from your creativity and from your feeling for the right house! Hands on your iPhone, so you can show everyone what you mean, when you talk about your dream house.


A house in just one minute. Can it happen?