It's simple yet so important to have the right knowledge when planning a building, so that you assemble a wonderful house from many individual parts. When there are established structural rules and chromatics in place, you will always create a pleasing result. 

For centuries man has tried to optimize his abode. The iVilla App is the present highlight of this development. With just one finger, you're able to create a house and garden with com-prehensive structural elements - all in just a few minutes. You can share this with friends on Facebook, send it via email and put together a construction plan.

And in case there are companies in various countries who wish to undertake the construction of your building, they are also able to help you realise your plans within a short time frame - as a conventional brick house, a prefabricated house, a house sytem of modules or as a wooden house. This systemization can also save you around 30% of the building costs and 60% of the planning costs.

On your marks. Get set. Go!

Can you create your dream building in one minute?